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Horse Training

The Rockin P JJR Ranch Training   

We offer a custom-tailored training program for your horse that focuses on problem-solving with a light touch and starting young horses under saddle with an emphasis on positive communication and respect. We do not believe there is “one way” to train a horse. Every horse is different and requires its own level of training and time. We take great pride in being patient, consistent and firm. Whether you need us to start your young horse under saddle, advance your horse to the next level or work through your horse’s behavioral problems, we can work with you to design a training program to meet your goals. We want your horse to be happy, use its mind, and respect you as a rider. It is up to the horse owner how long their horse stays in training. This will vary depending on the preference of the owner, previous riding experience, and the temperament of the horse. A progress log will be available.

30 Day Basic Saddle & Ground Work Training ($555) (Pre breaking)

30 Day Green Boot Camp ($655) (Green broke)

30 Day Trail Tune Up & Teach($605) (Horse is broke, but needs miles under saddle)

30 Day Get Fit, Trail & Conditioning ($555) (Horse just needs to get fit)

30 Day Leg Up & Sell Program (Call for quote) (Get your horse ready for sale)

Season Warm Up ($160/Week)

Hour Boot Camp ($40/hour)

* All horses must meet goals of 30 day basics saddle & ground before moving onto more advanced training.

* All training sessions available in 30-60-90 day intervals.

* Training is subject to approval after a free evaluation. Horse may be refused if deemed unsafe.

* All 30-60-90 day training rates include full board ($305) 

They must all start somewhere!

Our Basic Saddle & Ground Work will ensure you horse has a solid foundation. Every horse learns at a different level. To start we will do a free evaluation to find out where the horse is in its abilities and training. We will train the horse every other day for the first week. The following weeks our goal is to work with it two or three consecutive days then one day off. 

We will work with the horse in the evenings during the week. Weekend work will be a lot more involved. Below is a list of goals we have for your horse no matter what age. This may not all be accomplished in 30 days. Again, depending on the horse, we will work on goals until it understands thoroughly what is being asked of it. Highlighted are our main objectives in the first 30 days plus making sure the horse still understands the basic skills. This will provide a concert base for when it is ready for breaking.


Basic Saddle & Ground Work Training Goals
(upon evaluation items will be checked of goals already understood.) 

>Stand nicely for haltering

>Stand to be groomed patiently

>Picks up hooves

>Lead nicely, not being pushy/crowding/etc.


>Basic longing

>Walk, whoa, Back, trot, side pass in hand

>Give their head into pressure from one side to the other

>Move their hindquarters

>Move their forequarters

>Stand patiently while tied to a post or ground (tacked and untacked) even if there is commotion.

>De-sensitize with various items (clippers, plastic bag, paper bag, water bottles, etc)

>Walk near and possible over tarps, logs, etc.

>Walk through water (weather permitting)

>Take the lead and toss it over their back, around legs, move it on the ground next to them like a snake, etc.

>Can touch all over without a fuss

>Get used to being ponied indoors and outside on trails (weather permitting)

>Round pen free lunging (weather permitting)